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13 Causes of Chronic Fatigue

fatigue master class Apr 07, 2022

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  • Is it normal to be tired?
  • Is it an age thing?
  • Are other people tired, or just me?
  • Is there anything natural to do for fatigue?
  • Alternatives to energy drinks, caffeine, candy or granola bars?

Dr. J on the 13 reasons for chronic fatigue. For 21 years, I have heard people voice frustrations with not feeling energetic. Sometimes it's lack of sleep, or a chronic sub-clinical infection. This means that you have an infection that doesn't necessarily make you sick, it just takes energy out of the body.

Also, you know what steals your energy? It's the fear, worry, shame and self-esteem impact that comes from additions and dependencies - like sugar, caffiene, energy drinks, stress/drama, porn, alcohol, niconine etc. No one has a goal of being dependent on that type of stimulant, but when the energy drops people have a tendency to look for a crutch - some type of stimulant that hits the adrenalin and dopamine centers and then people are not only dealing with low energy but with shame, embarrassment, and frustration from sugar, stress etc. It just burns out the body. So this program is all about the cause chronic fatigue.

There's also a chronic fatigue workshop offered for those that want to learn more.

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You can beat chronic fatigue. It's not just me saying it, you can see the numeours video and social media patient success stories.

You are NOT your disease. Go with me on a journey about the cause of chronic fatigue.

Live. Don't just exist.

Dr. Jason West

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