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Sophia's Amazing Success Story- Lyme Disease lyme disease patient success stories Jun 30, 2022
Sofia got sick while hiking. She felt terrible, dragging herself to do things. Because of the extreme fatigue and exhaustion, she couldn't even function in her day-to-day life.
She was fighting Lyme Disease. This infection attacks the muscle system, tricks the immune system, and messes up...
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Zach's Success Story- Overcoming Lyme lyme disease master class patient success stories Jun 23, 2022

Tonight's success story is about Zach and his 10-year journey of chronic fatigue, anxiety, and feeling out of control. He embarked on a journey of discovery, accountability, and ultimately an amazing success story. He took control of his life by committing to a schedule. Going to bed and arising...

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Lilly Beats Lyme Disease lyme disease master class Jun 16, 2022

Lilly was sick, constantly tired no matter how much sleep she got, with severe joint pain, stomach issues and upset, trouble eating, emotional highs and lows, and brain fog. 

Her medical diagnosis was depression and anxiety. She never received any other diagnosis or answers for her...

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Bree Beats Her Disease- Lyme Disease lyme disease master class Jun 09, 2022

This is an amazing Lyme patient success story. Bree is a warrior. 

She had a tick bite in 2015, she tried many treatments that didn't work, then she found the West Clinic.
She got her life back and beat her disease. 

Bree was extremely sick, she was bedridden, and couldn't function in...

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