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Bree Beats Her Disease- Lyme Disease

lyme disease master class Jun 09, 2022

This is an amazing Lyme patient success story. Bree is a warrior. 

She had a tick bite in 2015, she tried many treatments that didn't work, then she found the West Clinic.
She got her life back and beat her disease. 

Bree was extremely sick, she was bedridden, and couldn't function in her normal life for 6 years. She felt terrible in her body and her mind. 

Improvements after treatments included more energy, and she doesn't feel terrible after finishing a task. She can go shopping and enjoys doing just the small things again. 

She was diagnosed with Lyme before coming to the West Clinic. 

The treatments at the clinic included IV vitamin infusions, HCT (healthy cell therapy), Acupuncture, and Neural Therapy

She made a commitment to travel from Washington state to Pocatello, Idaho for her treatments and it was worth the trip every time. 

The secret to her success was this:

  1. Her desire to get better 
  2. Taking ownership of her lifestyle 
  3. Customized blood tests  
  4. High dose vitamin C and UVBI therapy
  5. Nerve reset therapy
  6. Healthy Cell Therapy 

This is Bree's incredible transformation. 


What is Lyme Disease? The Great Imitator 

This is what Dr. West has learned over the last 20 years of taking care of patients. 

Lyme is a spirochete bacteria that causes so many different symptoms in patients.
Lyme is one of the most controversial illnesses in history, it is the fastest-growing infectious disease, sweeping the country. 

Diagnosed cases are increasing at a rate of 50% per year. 
It is so important to catch it early and be treated as quickly as possible when the exposure happens. 

Lyme is hard to eradicate, it can do extreme damage to the body, and it can act like a virus or bacteria. It affects so many different conditions of the human body. 
A large problem is that Lyme is often misdiagnosed or goes undetected. Quite often patients are told the symptoms are just all in their head. 

It can get into the nerves, joints, and brain, and be misdiagnosed as other serious health conditions. 

There is no cookbook medicine or protocol that is completely effective for all patients when treating Lyme disease. It is important to be able to do different treatments for different patients. 

Sometimes the antibiotic approach is used to treat Lyme, sometimes it helps, and sometimes it does not.

Lyme bacteria have the ability to change phases. Testing often only tests for one particular phase. 
It is a cyclic disease that tends to attack weak points in the body, which is different among patients. 

Lyme gets into the system and attacks the brain, nerves, and joints. 
Other types of chronic infection can have the same effect on the body. 

Symptoms may include headaches, rages, memory loss, seizures, coma, bone lesions, heart inflammation, and loss of vision.

Our treatment approach is to evaluate patients on an individual basis, boost the immune system, balance body chemistry, clean out the lymph nodes, and reprogram the nervous system. 

We have created a program to teach you even more about Lyme disease and what you need to know. Visit to enrolll in the program.  



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