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Craig's Success Story | He Avoided Back Surgery joint pain master class patient success stories Oct 20, 2022

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Listen to Craig’s story of beating debilitating back pain.

Regenerative joint injections aren’t just for back pain. They also help with chronic joint pain in the neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and ankles.


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Rebecca's Success Story | Beating Parasites master class patient success stories Oct 06, 2022

Before Rebecca came to the West Clinic she was struggling with what she thought was a parasite infection that she contracted while on a church mission in the Philippines. Despite running many tests, her medical doctors could not definitively diagnose her with anything. 

Rebecca was...

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Joint Health & Jerry's Success Story | Prolozone Injections health tips joint pain master class Sep 29, 2022

Joint Inflammation and Bone on Bone Arthritis

Often the traditional medical recommendation for these conditions is medication to manage the pain or joint replacement surgery, but at the West Clinic, we have some alternative options that we’ve seen incredible outcomes with.

These treatments...

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Chronic Stomach Pain | Courtney's Amazing Success Story master class patient success stories Sep 01, 2022

Meet Courtney. She had Chronic Stomach Pain, she was feeling defeated and out of hope.

She could not function.

She embarked on a journey and ultimately became an amazing success story.

She took control of her life by committing to a diet and cutting out certain foods. She took her supplements...

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All Natural Secrets to a Good Night Sleep health tips master class Aug 17, 2022

Here are the all-natural secrets for how to get better sleep.

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If you can't sleep, you can't heal. 
Sleep is underrated, but it's essential for health. 

Why do we need sleep? 

  • Consolidate memories and helps the brain function 
  • Reset immune system 
  • ...
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Septic E. Coli- Joselyn's Success Story master class patient success stories Jul 21, 2022

Watch Joselyn tell her amazing success story. 

Can you imagine being sick for years and getting infection after infection? Every time you are given more and more antibiotics.

I believe the reason people get repeat infections is because of a decreased immune system. 

Joselyn was...

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Zach's Success Story- Overcoming Lyme lyme disease master class patient success stories Jun 23, 2022

Tonight's success story is about Zach and his 10-year journey of chronic fatigue, anxiety, and feeling out of control. He embarked on a journey of discovery, accountability, and ultimately an amazing success story. He took control of his life by committing to a schedule. Going to bed and arising...

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Lilly Beats Lyme Disease lyme disease master class Jun 16, 2022

Lilly was sick, constantly tired no matter how much sleep she got, with severe joint pain, stomach issues and upset, trouble eating, emotional highs and lows, and brain fog. 

Her medical diagnosis was depression and anxiety. She never received any other diagnosis or answers for her...

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Bree Beats Her Disease- Lyme Disease lyme disease master class Jun 09, 2022

This is an amazing Lyme patient success story. Bree is a warrior. 

She had a tick bite in 2015, she tried many treatments that didn't work, then she found the West Clinic.
She got her life back and beat her disease. 

Bree was extremely sick, she was bedridden, and couldn't function in...

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Wheelchair to Walking - Lyme Disease Success Story master class patient success stories Jun 06, 2022

The fastest growing infectious disease is Lyme Disease.

Over 300,000 cases diagnosed every year and 200 daily cases of infection in kids. But there is hope.

Meet Amanda - she believed she was dying. Out of hope, out of time, out of options she came to see the West Clinic and had an amazing...

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Stomach University: GI Health master class stomach health May 26, 2022

Welcome to the Stomach University Master Class

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It's not just us saying it. Here is a patient success story: Anderson Wingard

He was having severe stomach issues. His medical doctors wanted to remove his gallbladder. Instead, he came to the West Clinic and learned how to heal...

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Natural Heart Treatments health tips master class May 19, 2022

Natural ways to help Heart Health. 

The heart is the most important muscle the body. It’s the first muscle in the body to respond to a problem. 

The heart is the biggest source of electromagnetic activity in the body. 

The heart shows stress, nutritional inadequacy, and...

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Food Rules Part 1 health tips master class May 12, 2022

Introducing healthy living expert Jesse Curtis. He is joining us to talk about the four food rules that will immediately improve your health.

Food is medicine and medicine is food. 

Good food doesn't have to taste bad!

Or another myth - food that tastes good CAN be good for you too.


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Chronic Fatigue - Hormonal Burnout energy fatigue master class Apr 28, 2022

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Welcome to the #4 reason why you are out of energy! The chemical producers of your body (glands) just don't produce the messages. The messages are called hormones. If you can't produce hormones, you are going to feel exhausted, out of control,...

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Is Epstein Barr the Culprit of Chronic Fatigue? energy fatigue master class Apr 22, 2022

I believe the biggest cause of chronic fatigue is Epstein Barr Virus.

Chronic viral infections zap your energy and rob you of vitality, motivation and stamina. It's a very common virus. It affects some people greatly, while many others have no symptoms.

It's thought that 100% of people have...

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Three Types of Chronic Fatigue energy fatigue master class Apr 14, 2022

There are 3 types of chronic fatigue:

1. Burnout

2. Infection (virus, parasites, bacteria)

3. Hormonal exhaustion

Now what? What's the best way to get your energy back? Join me tonight at 6 pm MST with a master class on Chronic Fatigue or Myologic Encephalopathy.

Program on Facebook and...

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13 Causes of Chronic Fatigue fatigue master class Apr 07, 2022

To learn even more about this topic: Join the Chronic Fatigue Workshop

  • Is it normal to be tired?
  • Is it an age thing?
  • Are other people tired, or just me?
  • Is there anything natural to do for fatigue?
  • Alternatives to energy drinks, caffeine, candy or granola bars?

Dr. J on the 13 reasons...

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Natural Supplements for Sleep fatigue health tips master class Mar 31, 2022
There is no body process not affected by sleep.
It's this simple - not sleeping very well, no healing will occur.
The purpose of tonight's presentation is to look at the best natural supplements for sleep - melatonin, valerian root, magnesium, alkaline...
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How to get a Good Night's Sleep master class Mar 25, 2022

Without sleep, one cannot heal.

It's such an important part of health.

Some people can't get to sleep. Others can't stay asleep. Why?

Why do others hit the pillow and it's lights out for hours? For those of us that struggle with sleep (me), this may cause jealousy.  

Dr. Jason West shares...

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11 Healthy Fat Foods master class Mar 21, 2022
One of the worst things told to people is avoid fat. It's terrible advice.
Fats are so important for health. If, they are the right fats. The wrong fats are bad for you but the right fats promote healthy hormones, protect cells, insulate nerves, decrease pain, improve mood health.
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Loose Ligaments: How to Stop Ligament Pain master class Mar 16, 2022

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Have you ever wondered why you keep hurting a joint? Like an ankle that has been sprained and now you keep spraining it?

Here's how to "shrink wrap" or tighten ligaments. One of the key components of injury prevention is the strength of the ligament. A ligament stabilizes...

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Infertility and Pregnancy Health: Part II infertility master class Feb 24, 2022

Dr. West on natural recommendations for infertility and pregnancy health. Learn about The West Clinic Way for women's health.

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Infertility, Miscarriage and Female Hormones health tips infertility master class Feb 09, 2022
Infertility and Miscarriages.
What can be done at home?
Are there any vitamins that may help?
What about herbs?
I have had several enjoyable patient success stories with patients that have been trying for pregnancy and/or full term pregnancy.
It's an emotional subject....
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