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Joint Health & Jerry's Success Story | Prolozone Injections health tips joint pain master class Sep 29, 2022

Joint Inflammation and Bone on Bone Arthritis

Often the traditional medical recommendation for these conditions is medication to manage the pain or joint replacement surgery, but at the West Clinic, we have some alternative options that we’ve seen incredible outcomes with.

These treatments...

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All Natural Secrets to a Good Night Sleep health tips master class Aug 17, 2022

Here are the all-natural secrets for how to get better sleep.

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If you can't sleep, you can't heal. 
Sleep is underrated, but it's essential for health. 

Why do we need sleep? 

  • Consolidate memories and helps the brain function 
  • Reset immune system 
  • ...
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How to Beat Sugar Cravings and Reduce Inflammation health tips Jul 22, 2022
What is the number one way to reduce inflammation?
It's to beat sugar cravings!
Sugar is one of the top contributors to inflammation, chronic illness, and arthritis and it even feeds cancer.
Here are some tips on what to do about Sugar...
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Natural Heart Treatments health tips master class May 19, 2022

Natural ways to help Heart Health. 

The heart is the most important muscle the body. It’s the first muscle in the body to respond to a problem. 

The heart is the biggest source of electromagnetic activity in the body. 

The heart shows stress, nutritional inadequacy, and...

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Food Rules Part 1 health tips master class May 12, 2022

Introducing healthy living expert Jesse Curtis. He is joining us to talk about the four food rules that will immediately improve your health.

Food is medicine and medicine is food. 

Good food doesn't have to taste bad!

Or another myth - food that tastes good CAN be good for you too.


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Natural Supplements for Sleep fatigue health tips master class Mar 31, 2022
There is no body process not affected by sleep.
It's this simple - not sleeping very well, no healing will occur.
The purpose of tonight's presentation is to look at the best natural supplements for sleep - melatonin, valerian root, magnesium, alkaline...
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Infertility, Miscarriage and Female Hormones health tips infertility master class Feb 09, 2022
Infertility and Miscarriages.
What can be done at home?
Are there any vitamins that may help?
What about herbs?
I have had several enjoyable patient success stories with patients that have been trying for pregnancy and/or full term pregnancy.
It's an emotional subject....
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Get Your Energy Back: Part II energy fatigue health tips master class Feb 02, 2022
Lack of energy robs life of enjoyment and nothing takes away feeling good more than chronic pain.
 Learn about the best way to treat pain without drugs, Rx, or dangerous OTC.
In my experience - the #1 energy sucker is PAIN. Lack of energy destroys life, vitality,...
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Get Your Energy Back energy health tips master class Jan 26, 2022
So often patient say the "LOST" their energy and it did not come back. Why is that?
Why do some people bounce back from a cold, flu, shingles, or 'R-O-N uh'?
Life is ALL ABOUT ENERGY. Think about it. Excited about a trip? Thinking about the first date in a new relationship? Taking...
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Beating Lupus: Patient Success Story health tips master class patient success stories Jan 12, 2022
We have an incredible patient success story to share with you this week.
Dr. West shares this spectacular story of hope and healing.
See how N.J. overcame her battle with Lupus and Chronic Infection with the help of the West Clinic team.
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Hair Loss After Viral Infection health tips master class Jan 05, 2022
Hair Loss After Viral Infection
Join Dr. Jason West and Special Guest, Shelby Stoddard, NP-C where they talk about the affects of hair loss and viral infection, and how to help your body regrow the hair on your head.
You'll get all the info on hair loss from TWO experts!
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Metabolism Tips: Part III health tips master class metabolism Dec 15, 2021
12 tips for metabolism boost and weight loss. 
1. Road map for metaoblism
2. End points
3. Avoid benthonics
4. Do Speedy C
5. Stoping hibernation
6. Channel and manage stress
7. HIT Me for 2.5 min
8. Scrubbing belts
9. Night watchmen
10. Wash your mouth out
11. Indulge with dark...
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Herbs for Weight Loss health tips master class metabolism Dec 08, 2021
Too often I hear patients say they have no energy.
Our metabolism is how the body coverts what we eat and drink into energy. So if you have a poorly functioning metabolism you're not going to feel energized.
Learn how we can use plants to support lifestyle and healthy eating, improve...
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