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Natural Heart Treatments

health tips master class May 19, 2022

Natural ways to help Heart Health. 

The heart is the most important muscle the body. It’s the first muscle in the body to respond to a problem. 

The heart is the biggest source of electromagnetic activity in the body. 

The heart shows stress, nutritional inadequacy, and hormone imbalance. 

The heart beats 100,000  per day 

60,000 miles of blood vessels


Heart attack- the heart doesn’t actually attack you but rather stops working. Decrease cardiovascular risk factors. 

Magnesium and protemorphogen therapy (cardiotrophin, vascular) can help reduce risk factors. 


Stress: makes everything worse and is particularly associated with heart conditions 

Channel your stress- you need a release valve

Deep breathing, prayer, exercise, meditation, be outdoors, sleep, journal

One of the best things you can do for your heart is to laugh!


Common heart conditions: 

  1. High blood pressure 
  2. Low blood pressure- not enough horsepower in the engine
  3. Coronary artery disease- inflammation in the cardiovascular system, then cholesterol starts to stick. Reduce sugar, quick carbs, and high fructose corn syrup. 
  4. Atrial fibrillation: out of rhythm, chambers beat out of time, the body feels out of control, B vitamin #4 helps the heart to beat consistently. Food source of B4: Raw cream, raw soybeans. 
  5. Congestive heart failure: doesn’t pump blood as well as it should. 
  6. Aortic stenosis: Blocks blood flows from the heart to the main artery. Surgical repair is a consideration. Natural options are to help with total body balance: Water, healthy foods, channel stress, good sleep, and overall health. Comprehensive blood chemistry workup. 


Raglan’s Test: Take blood pressure lying down then take it standing. This gives your body a mini stress test. Can show chronic stress problems. 


Movement is life: the heart is a muscle and you have to use it. 


High Blood Pressure: Lipotrophic B vitamins help relax the vascular system. (This is not a cure-all for blood pressure but can be a factor in balancing high BP concerns)


Give the heart building blocks to be healthy. 

  • Miracle mineral for cardiovascular conditions- magnesium citrate or glycinate, 600 mg daily, relaxes smooth muscles 
  • Lipotropic B vitamins: help the nerves that go to the blood vessels. 
  • Fat-soluble chlorophyll (ADEK), protects phospholipid bilayer around cells, and healthy red blood cells. 
  • Cofactors: Vitamin F, G, P, T
  • Vitamin E- cardiovascular health helps red blood cells be slick, not a blood thinner but helps your cells not to get “sticky”. It's like a dryer sheet for your blood
  • Organs that you’re having problems with are the organs you should be eating, like heals like. For example, Bovine heart can help with mild or beginning stage heart problems. 


Align your dietary intake like your ancestors, a traditional diet can significantly help health overall. Where did your ancestors come from? 


Natural chelation therapy helps scrub out the vascular system: oral and intravenous chelation therapy

Unleaded documentary 


Lifestyle for Cardiac Health: 

  • Water is medicine; keep yourself hydrated
  • Sleep Sanctuary 
  • Healthy and Alive foods 
  • Channeling Stress 


Advanced considerations: 

  • Medical assessment 
  • Cardiac rehab 
  • RX therapy 
  • Surgical options  


Nutritional Support Therapy: 

  • 600mg magnesium 
  • 10,000 IU vitamin D 
  • 4,000-6000 mg Healthy fats 
  • Vitamin B 4
  • Protemorphogen therapy 
  • Nitris Oxide NOX


In-Office Therapies: 

  • Acupuncture
  • Neural therapy 
  • Chelation Therapy 
  • Oxidative medicine 



Ozone therapy 

Hydrogen Peroxide 


For more information: 

Email [email protected] for the Integrative Heart eBook 

Call 208-232-3216 

Virtual Consultations are available 


Here’s to your energy, balance, and longevity!

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