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4 ways to treat Asthma

Jan 06, 2020

Are you gasping and wheezing?  Do you have asthma or exercise induced asthma?  Then in this video there is a treatment that you probably have not heard about that I have seen amazing clinical outcomes.  Check it out. 


I am real excited to share with you a treatment for asthma that most people have not heard about.  It is a natural non-prescriptive treatment that we see tremendous outcomes with on how to help retrain your nervous system and your immune system so that it does not throw a temper tantrum when it is being faced with a stimuli.  So what happens with asthma, and this really works well for exercise induced asthma and seasonal asthma.  Some of the more, I guess difficult asthma cases this might not work for, but I would be willing to try. 


So let me tell you about this really, really cool treatment called the infraspinatus respiratory reflex.  So that is kind of a mouthful.  We call it the IRR treatment in the office, and again, going back to the mechanism of asthma.  If you and I went out and walked in a field of ragweed pollen, your system might be totally fine and my immune system might freak out or have a temper tantrum based upon that antigen and it gets irritated, so it secretes fluids, your eyes would run, your mouth would run, you get red, your airways might shut off and the medical treatment for that is let us do an antinflammatory, some type of cortisone or steroid therapy and possibly an antihistamine.  Now, you can do that and I think it is great for short-term relief, but a long-term correction you can have some unwanted side effects from the steroids and from the antihistamine therapy, which causes a whole other set of problems. 


So a couple different ways that you can retrain the nervous system.  One, you could help the immune system to work better so that it does not overreact.  There is a specific technique called homo-desensitization therapy.  I think homeopathy works really well.  There is a Japanese herb called yakitron that I have seen really good outcomes with, milk thistle and then there is a Native American herb called lamiaceae and I see really, really good outcomes with lamiaceae and that is more on the biochemistry standpoint.  From the biomechanical standpoint, there is a really neat technique, again, called the infraspinatus respiratory reflex.  I want to give credit where credit is due as developed by Dr. Harold Filabear down in Louisiana, and he discovered a technique where actually it is a nerve reset.  I do not know if he called it that, but that is what I would categorize his research.  What happens is there is a nerve that comes out of the neck called the cervical C5 nerve.  It goes to a muscle called the infraspinatus muscle, which is underneath the spine of the scapula, so right over here you will feel that hard bone, but underneath that there is a muscle called the infraspinatus muscle and he figured out that if you palpate or press upon that muscle it can be really, really sore in people that have asthma.  So what he did is he took a solution needle and he started injecting those sore spots and what happened is the lung or the bronchial tissue, it basically opened up and we think what happened is there is actually a nerve reset that comes from that muscle that goes basically up the nerve into the spinal cord, up to the brain, resets this reflex and opens the lung tissue.  Now, this treatment is really easy to do, you have people lie on their stomach, put their arms to their side and you just palpate that muscle.  Most of the time people do not even realize how sore that muscle is until you start specifically pushing on it and

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palpating it.  Then you can take a solution in our office, our medical team will usually use a combination of vitamin B12, methylcobalamin, some para-amino benzoic acid that is a glyclized ester so it is a medicine called procaine. 


A homeopathic that we use usually is Ubikinon, which helps to unclog detox pathways and sometimes just a little titch of vitamin C.  You take a little needle and you basically palpate with a needle and you can get these trigger points to basically relax, so the muscle fibers that are supposed to slide on each other like this, they actually tighten and you hit those with a needle and they will start to free up.  What happens is people can start to breathe and you can see this in our video testimonials of people that have come in with chronic asthmatic problems and in a treatment it usually takes about 2 to 4 treatments.  We reset that nerve impulse and they can breathe substantially better.  If you add the nutrition component to that, the homo-sensitization therapy, I think there are really good options to help alleviate, at least decrease your asthma symptoms, it seems to work really, really well for exercise induced asthma.  So this is a couple clinical pearls of what you can do for asthma.  The other thing I forgot to mention was some cervical manipulative therapy at C5-C6, a chiropractic adjustment and also you can do some soft tissue release technique on the muscles associated with the neck, the rhomboids, infraspinatus, supraspinatus, and the laps that go through there and the upper trapezius. 


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