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Dean's Success Story- Panic Attacks & Anxiety

patient success stories Aug 04, 2022

Panic attacks, anxiety, chest pain, social anxiety. No matter who you are or where you fit on the spectrum, it's no fun.

That's what happened to Dean.

He was struggling with nerves that were "FREAKING OUT." While it may be too simple to describe anxiety as nervous system overload, it's too many impulses to the brain. The brain and body are related. That's not a surprise because if you are physically hurt it's hard on your emotions. If you are emotionally struggling with anxiety, depression, emotional upheaval, cyclic moods, reactive hypoglycemia, or the new term (neuroglycopenia = when the blood sugar drops the nerves fail). It all fits together. If you start balancing one and you have a shot to balance the other.

I love Dean. What a warrior. He's been challenged with debilitating anxiety, heart symptoms, and social stress. Sometimes people can become their disease, while other times they rise up and change their life. That's what Dean did. He asked for help. He got treatment. He took his medical nutritional therapy religiously, ate healthy and alive foods, and put his body on a schedule.

Now, he's going to California to follow his lifelong dream of working with exotic animals. It's such a fulfilling patient success story.

What we did for Dean:

  1. Helped him with tools to be healthier.
  2. Prescribed a medical nutritional therapy program specifically for him.
  3. Gave him IV vitamin C, glutathione, magnesium, potassium and dilute HCL
  4. Provided rTMS therapy (rapid transcranial therapy).
  5. Broke up nerve addiction patterns using Theta Chamber technology.

Now - we will help him across the country to stay healthy.

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As a bonus, I have attached the breakthrough treatment of neural therapy.

Live. Don't just exist.

Dr. Jason West & West Clinic Team

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