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What Would I Do... Chronic Headaches Sep 16, 2021

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Mary Walton Success Story patient success stories Sep 15, 2021

Mary had an ankle injury when she was ran over by a tractor at age 15. The injury had skin grafting. Her graft began to deteriorate. 

There was a calcified tendon in her leg that was causing an ulceration that was stubborn to heal. 

Doctors told her she was going to lose the bottom of...

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What Would I Do If I Had Viral Infections Sep 02, 2021

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What I Would Do: COVID covid Aug 21, 2021


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What I Would Do: Skin Cancer skin cancer the west way Aug 21, 2021

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Years of Severe Health Problems: Ken's Success Story Jul 27, 2020

Ken was in the medical system for 3 years, eventually, he was told he had less than 2 years to live in 2011.

He has battled liver failure, bacterial infections, prostate cancer, and pancreatitis. 

With a combination of traditional and natural medical treatments he has finally had a...

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Migraines: Leanne's Success Story Jul 22, 2020

"You fixed my migraines!"

After struggling with 18 years of migraines she finally found relief with neural therapy.

Leanne has not had a migraine for 3 years! A great outcome using neural therapy treatments at the West Clinic. 

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Larry Success Story patient success stories Jul 21, 2020

Larry suffered from achy joints, GI problems, diarrhea, sarcoidosis, skin boils and third stage lymphatic cancer. Overall his health was failing. 

His deficiency in vitamin F was causing severe skin issues. Getting his body balanced in these deficiencies healed his skin. 

IV vitamin...

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